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Are you sick of that extra layer of "muffin top" fat peeking over your pants? Do you always turn to the side when looking in the mirror to see if your stomach is bulging? Foods that Melt Abdominal Fat

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pH Balance and Your Health (Part 1)

Acid-alkaline balance, also known as balanced pH, is one of the most vital factors necessary for achieving and maintaining good health. Too often, however, doctors ignore acid-alkaline balance. This is a mistake, one that can potentially lead to serious health problems for their patients. Is your body in balance; are you too acidic; or are you too alkaline? Let's begin by learning more about what pH and acid-alkaline balance really mean.
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Health Tip of the Day

Want more energy during the day? Then drink more water. Researchers have found that most people (75 percent) in the United States are chronically dehydrated, meaning they are not getting enough water to allow their bodies to work efficiently. They have also found that even mild cases of dehydration can slow down metabolism levels, which in turn leads to increased levels of fatigue.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Here's a useful tip to remember the next time your doctor checks your blood pressure. Have him or her measure your blood pressure levels in both of your arms, not just one of them, as is commonly done. Although a difference between blood pressure levels in your arms is not always abnormal, in many cases it can be a sign of underlying problems in your cardiovascular system. In short, this simple tip has the potential to save your life. Read more health tips...
No Back Surgery! Maybe Traction or Epidurals?
I have had great success with traction in my patients that also commit to ongoing physical therapy and "back school" - learning how to sit, walk, and exercise in ways that strengthen back muscles and improve flexibility. Epidurals will work temporarily for 30 percent of people. continued inside...

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