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We've all been told at one time or another that the key to losing weight is to consume fewer calories than you expend. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? But the problem that most of us have is figuring out how to do that. Start Eating and Stop Bingeing

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Cancer: Know Its Early Warning Signs

Recognizing the early warning signs of cancer can help to ensure an early diagnosis. This makes it potentially easier to treat cancer before it has metastasized (spread to other areas of the body). Cancer that is detected early typically has not yet had the opportunity to deplete the body of its disease-fighting resources, and therefore cancer, regardless of what category it belongs, is far more susceptible to treatment.
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Health Tip of the Day

Would you like to get the health benefits of running at a pace of five miles per hour? Few of us can run at that pace for any length of time. Yet researchers have found that you can get the same benefits of running at that pace for a half hour simply by jumping rope for ten minutes. In addition, jumping rope is more fun. Just be sure you warm up with a few stretching exercises before you begin.

Yesterday's Health Tip

If you work at a desk all day, here's a simple exercise you can do to exercise your abdominal muscles and improve your posture. Sit up straight in your chair, with your feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath and, as you exhale, lift up your chest and rib cage, pulling in your abs. At the end of each exhale hold this position for six seconds, then slowly release as you inhale. Repeat 12 to 15 times per session, and try to do this exercise at least three times a day. Read more health tips...
No Back Surgery! Maybe Traction or Epidurals?
I have had great success with traction in my patients that also commit to ongoing physical therapy and "back school" - learning how to sit, walk, and exercise in ways that strengthen back muscles and improve flexibility. Epidurals will work temporarily for 30 percent of people. continued inside...

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