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How the FDA allows food manufacturers to claim that a food is 97% fat free when it really contains 21.4% fat. 97% Fat Free? Maybe Not

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Flaxseed Oil: A rich source of Omega-3, it can also be dangerous

In recent years, as more people - physicians and patients alike - have come to realize the role that chronic inflammation plays in heart disease, as well as many other diseases, including cancer, there has been a corresponding increase in the use of foods and supplements that contain omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs). This is because omega-3 EFAs have proven anti-inflammatory properties that can both prevent and reverse chronic inflammation in the body.
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Want to keep your arteries free of plaque? Then drink more herbal tea. That's because researchers in France have found that regular tea drinking can prevent the buildup of plaque. In addition, herbal teas also help to improve arterial flexibility and reduce inflammation, especially in women. A good choice of herbal tea is green tea, which has also been shown to have anti-cancer benefits.

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Are you prone to migraine headaches? If so, it could be because you clench your jaw at night while sleeping. Research has found that nocturnal jaw clenching can significantly increase the likelihood of migraines. If you suspect this problem may apply to you, consult with your doctor and dentist. Read more health tips...
Non-Drug Treatments for Arthritis
I'm asked this question quite a lot in my medical practice. Yes, there are a number of non-drug options you can pursue to manage your arthritis, beginning with your diet. continued inside...

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