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Whether you're planning a romantic, candlelit dinner or just want to change your diet to arouse your libido, adding some of these foods to your diet (or your lover's) can enhance sexual drive. Find a Better Sex Life in Your Kitchen

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Organic, Genetically Modified or Grown with Chemicals?

The next time you are at a grocery store, here's a tip you can use to find out how the produce you're considering buying was grown: Look at the PLU code. The PLU code stands for Price Look Up number and is part of a coding system agreed upon by the Produce Marketing Association and the International Federation for Produce Coding to establish global standards for produce.
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Health Tip of the Day

Here's a simple way to keep your blood pressure under control. Get eight hours of sleep each and every night. Doing so has been shown to not only lower blood pressure levels, but to also improve the body's overall metabolism. (If you have trouble sleeping, consult with your doctor so that he or she can help you get the restful sleep you need.)

Yesterday's Health Tip

Want to lower your risk of a heart attack. Then devote 30 minutes a day to brisk walking, which has been shown to lower heart attack risk by nearly 20 percent. To further reduce your risk, add moderate weight lifting to your weekly health routine (20 minutes 3 times each week). Read more health tips...
Excess Stomach Acid
Your weight is probably contributing to the excess stomach acid. For immediate relief start OTC Prilosec and then gradually wean away from the trigger foods, at that point you can stop taking the Prilosec. Avoid citrus, chocolate, coffee and nicotine in the meanwhile. Start an exercise program to help with the stress in your life and curb your appetite. continued inside...

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