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Your body looks, works and feels better when your body is at a healthy weight. If you are overweight, you are at a greater risk for serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Seven Secrets For Success

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Do You Suffer from Hidden Allergies?

The term "allergy" refers to an exaggerated or unusual response by the body to substances that are harmless, and even helpful, to most other people. According to most practitioners of holistic medicine, the incidence of allergies is much higher than is commonly believed, but in many cases allergies are merely nuisances. But for other people, contact with a substance they are allergic to can produce toxins in the body that can result in a host of health conditions, many of them quite severe. Unfortunately, the majority of allergy sufferers tend to be unaware that they are allergic in the first place, or else they are unable to identify the substance(s) causing their allergic response.
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Health Tip of the Day

Here's a five-minute technique that can quickly improve the appearance of your skin and also enhance circulation. Once a day, starting at your ankles, brush upward on your legs, hips, and buttocks, using a dry, bristle brush. This simple exercise not only helps to remove dead, flaky skin cells and improve the skin's elimination of toxins, it also has a very invigorating effect on circulation, and improve lymphatic function, which is responsible for filtering out toxins from the body.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Here's another easy way to protect against memory loss: Eat more greens. That's according to a study conducted at the University of Illinois, who found that both foods may even help to protect against Alzheimer's disease. Green foods are rich with a chemical substance known as luteolin, which has been shown to protect against inflammation in the brain. In addition, luteolin also has been shown to inhibit a brain protein known as CD40, which has been linked to brain cell death and Alzheimer's. Two common green foods that are loaded with luteolin are celery and green peppers. To get the most benefit from them eat them raw and make sure they are organic. Read more health tips...
Concerned about Gastrointestinal Upsets
Nearly all of us experience gastrointestinal upsets from time to time. Often they are not serious. But, since you've indicated that your problems have been increasing lately, I recommend that you meet with your physician because GI problems can be signs of more serious health issues, including cancer. continued inside...

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