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Two Little Known Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu

It's been years since I've last experienced a cold or flu. Prior to that, I typically would experience at least a minor cold once a year or so, and though I would usually be able to recover from it within two-three days, I was never happy about the fatigue, aches and pains, coughs, and sneezing that were the hallmarks of my being ill.

I attribute my ability to stay free of colds and flu for so many years, even in the midst of the cold, snowy winters where I live, when I am exposed to many friends and family members who get sick during that time, to a number of factors. But two of them have especially worked for me. I'm sharing them with you because they can work for you too.

Normally, before you develop a full-blown cold or flu a cold, your body will give you a warning sign. For me, this is usually a sore sensation in the back of my throat, but for you it may be something different. Whatever it is, you know it, so next time you notice it pay attention, because for the two methods I use to work most effectively, you need to take action quickly.

Cold & Flu Beater Number One
In the past few years, usually during the winter months, I've received my warning sign a number of times. In each case, it occurred soon after I either had overworked myself for a number of days, or had been under some other type of stress. Every time my warning sign appears, I reach for a bottle of oregano oil.

Oregano oil is a potent immune booster that various holistic physicians I know started recommending to me about last decade. I didn't doubt their advice, but I didn't start using oregano oil myself until my girlfriend developed a bad cold a few years ago. When various other natural supplements failed to help her, I remembered what I'd been told about oregano oil and went to my local health food store to purchase some. She took it and recovered soon thereafter. Impressed, I decided to keep some oregano oil on hand for myself.

At the first sign that I am at risk for developing a cold, I place a few drops at the back of throat. Usually, one time is enough to quickly (literally within ten to twenty minutes) put a stop to the threat, but on some occasions, I may add another dose or two throughout the day. I don't recommend that you use oregano oil in undiluted form, as I do, however, because it tastes terrible and produces an uncomfortable burning sensation that can last for a few minutes. Instead, you may wish to add a few drops to a glass of pure, filtered water, and then drink it. The brand I recommend most is Oreganol®, which I find works best for me. You should be able to find it at your local health food store.

Cold & Flu Beater Number Two
Last year, just prior to the holidays, I found myself receiving another warning sign that a cold was at hand. Not having any oregano oil at hand, I decided to try another self-care remedy a number of doctors had told me about.

Before I tell you what it is, I want to mention that various Health Coach now believe that cold and flu viruses not only enter the body through the nose and mouth, but also through the ear canal. To prevent such viruses from taking hold inside the ears, various holistic physicians recommend placing an eyedropper full of hydrogen peroxide in the ears. (Hydrogen peroxide in 3 percent solution is all that is needed. It's available at your local supermarket or drug store for less than a dollar a bottle.)

I did this, not knowing what to expect, first tilting my head to pour a dropper's worth of hydrogen peroxide into my right ear for a few minutes. According to the instructions I'd read, you need to wait until the solution starts to fizz. Once it finishes doing so, tilt your head back down and allow the solution to drain out of your ear, then clean your ear with a Q-tip. I did this, and then repeated the process in my left ear. Within minutes, all warning signs of the cold were gone and I never got sick.

Today, I keep have a supply of both oregano oil and hydrogen peroxide close at hand, especially during winter months. Obviously, these are not the only steps I take to maintain my health. (I also take a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement, as well as 4-8,000 mg of vitamin C in divided doses 2-3X/day, eat right, drink plenty of water, exercise, and, during cold and flu season, wash my hands throughout the day. I also make sure that I take time to do something fun and relaxing each day in order to minimize stress.) Yet I find that both of these methods have definitely enhanced my ability to remain free of colds and flu for so long. Try them for yourself and see if they work for you too.

Note: If you develop a cold or flu, consult a physician if your symptoms linger beyond a few days.

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