The Connection Between Beauty and Health

by Chris Andersen

For many people, health and beauty inhabit quite distant altitudes on a "proper" hierarchy of values. Health belongs high on the scale for them, while beauty should be low on our scale of importances. Health is an important concern.

Beauty is a frivolous obsession with youth, they think. After all, health is a deep, core value, while beauty is by definition superficial. It's only skin deep, right?

Of course, whether you happen to believe this way or not depends at least partly on which definition of "beauty" you have learned or adopted.

If beauty means holding everyone to the same media-derived standards of glamour and attractiveness, we might be more inclined to agree. If beauty means slavishness to fashion, dieting to the point of anorexia, or even compulsive miror-gazing, we would definitely agree.

But that's not the kind of beauty we want to talk about here. We're much more interested in the kind of beauty that not only lights your eyes but warms your heart when you encounter someone who has it - be they young or old, man, woman or child. This is "the beauty that comes from within," and we don't discount that.

"Momma, am I pretty?" "You're beautiful on the inside, Sweetheart."

Some might hear a consolation prize in the mother's reply, and our status-driven, possession-accumulating culture provides plenty of support for that interpretation. But we hear a positive affirmation of the best values a child could learn.

The beauty that comes from within. We firmly believe this kind of beauty rises an internal foundation of health: physical health, emotional and psychological health, and spiritual health. That's why you find support for all these aspects of health here at WellnessWatchersMD.

Just as redness and swelling are symptoms of inflammation, true beauty is one of the symptoms of good health. Vibrant aliveness, happiness, clarity grounded in positive purpose - when you see someone with these elements in chorus, your heart can't help singing in response. And when you have all these elements in place for yourself, you don't need to look in the mirror so often, because the people around you constantly reflect back your true beauty in their smiles.

And the best part is, it's available to everyone.

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