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How the FDA allows food manufacturers to claim that a food is 97% fat free when it really contains 21.4% fat. 97% Fat Free? Maybe Not

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A Little Known Secret For Restoring Gut Health

Although the idea of eating clay may not strike you as appealing, certain types of clay have been used for centuries because of the health benefits they provide. One type of clay in particular, known as smectite, is prized by over 200 cultures around the world because of its healing properties. In addition, many native (indigenous) healing traditions recommend eating a small amount of clay (approximately one teaspoon) once a day to help maintain good health. The practice of eating clay even has a medical name - geophagy. The practice of eating clay can also be observed among animals, many of which can be found rolling licking clay and around in clay beds when they are sick.
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Health Tip of the Day

Food allergies and sensitivities are among the most common chronic, yet undiagnosed, health problems today. If you think you might be allergic or sensitive to some of the foods you enjoy eating, here is an easy test that you can perform at home to find out. A few minutes before you eat, when you are relaxed and sitting down, take your pulse with your fingers, counting the number of pulses that occur over 60 seconds. Then eat a bite of food to which you think you might be allergic or sensitive. Then take your pulse 20 minutes later. If your second pulse reading exceeds your first reading by ten points or more, most likely you are allergic or sensitive to that food. For more accurate results, perform pulse test with the same food on consecutive days.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Did you know that the spiritual practice of giving a prayer of thanksgiving before you eat also has health benefits? It's true. Pausing to "say Grace" before you eat helps to "quiet" your body and mind, which in turn helps to optimize digestion. Read more health tips...
What Can be Done for GERD?
GERD, which stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, is becoming increasingly common in the United States. GERD is also referred to simply as acid reflux and heartburn. People with GERD frequently experience the liquid contents of their stomach backing up (refluxing) into their esophagus. continued inside...

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