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Health Tips - Issue 8

  1. Do you suffer from indigestion? If so, your body might need help digesting the foods you eat. Oftentimes, this problem can be resolved by taking digestive enzymes with your meals. You can find a good digestive enzyme formula at your local health food store. Take one or more capsules (according to the label directions) at the start of every meal. If lack of enzymes are causing your digestion problems, you should experience relief within a few days. If your problems persist, however, see a Health Coach, because they may be symptoms of a more serious, underlying condition.

  2. Do you find yourself having problems remembering things? Forgetfulness strikes all of us at times, and can often be caused by stress. But a lack of certain nutrients can also be behind memory problems. To improve your memory, ask you Health Coach about supplementing with one of more of the following nutrients, all of which can help maintain the health of your brain: B vitamins (especially vitamin B12), essential fatty acids (EFAs), acetyl-L-carnitine, and phosphatidylserine.

  3. Here's a surprising answer for minor hearing problems: gingko biloba. This common herb is more well-known for its ability to improve memory and overall brain function, but it can also be very helpful for improving your hearing. That's because it increases blood flow, which in turn can supply ear tissues with more of the nutrients and oxygen they need for good health. If your hearing problems persist, however, be sure to seek medical attention.

  4. Do you find yourself subjected to lots of stress? If so, an herbal remedy from the ancient system of healing from India known as Ayurveda might help. It's called ashwaghanda, and is sometimes referred to as "Indian ginseng." For thousands of years, ashwaghanda has been used by Ayurvedic physicians to improve fatigue, low libido, impotence, and memory problems, as well as various other disease conditions. In recent decades, new research has found that the same healing properties that make ashwaghanda useful for such conditions above also makes it an ideal natural remedy for helping the body cope with mental and physical stress. Just as importantly, no side effects or toxicity have ever been reported about ashwaghanda. If you want to try it, you can find it at most health food stores. A standard dose is between 1,000 and 3,000 mg one a day.

  5. Are you experiencing a loss of libido? If your problem is not due to a more serious health issue (such as undiagnosed cardiovascular disease or hormonal imbalances), here's a simple trick that can put more pep in your sex life, no matter if you are a man or a woman: exercise! That's right. Research has shown that just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three to five days a week can significantly improve your sex drive. Good types of aerobic exercise include brisk walks, jogging, bicycling, treadmill exercises, or jumping on a mini-trampoline. So get busy, and then get busy!

  6. Here's a warning to men who have lower than normal sperm counts. Your problem may be due to your cell phone. That's because research presented before the American Society of Reproductive Medicine shows that men who use their cell phones four or more hours each day have, on average, a 25 percent lower than normal sperm cell count, and that the quality of their sperm is also unhealthy. Researchers speculate that cell phones can cause these problems in two ways. First, the electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones can cause sperm damage. But so can carrying cell phone on a belt or inside pockets close to the groin area, due to how cell phones can induce increased temperature in the groin. So, men, to protect the health of your sperm, limit your use of cell phones and keep them away from your groin area.

  7. Here's an enjoyable way to stimulate your libido. Sniff (but don't eat) sugary foods. That's because researchers have found that the scents of such foods send signals to the brain that act as sexual triggers. Best of all, you can also use this trick to get your partner in the mood!

  8. By now, you probably know that it's a good idea to choose fresh, organic fruits and vegetables as often as you can, instead of commercially raised crops. But did you know that even organic foods may still contain things on their surface that are not healthy for you? To protect yourself, get in the habit of washing your fruits and vegetables once you bring them home. Here's a simple and effective, natural solution you can use to clean them. In a bowl of basin of water (one quart), add two tablespoons of salt and four teaspoons of lemon juice. Soak most vegetables in this solution for five to ten minutes. Exceptions include berries and green leafy vegetables, which only need to be soaked for one to two minutes. After soaking, rinse your fruits and vegetables in cold water, then dry them and refrigerate what you aren't going to eat right then.

  9. Do you live in a residence built before 1986? If so, you ought to get your tap water tested for possible lead contamination. That's because most homes and apartment complexes built before 1986 have lead piping, which can cause lead to leech into your home water supply. To find out where to have your tap water tested, contact your local water board.

  10. Here's a fun and easy way to boost your body's resistance to infectious organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi). Try laughing more. That's because researchers at California's Loma Linda University have discovered that laughing boost immunity in two important ways. First, is increases endorphin levels by an average of 27 percent. Endorphins are often called "feel good" chemicals. They are produced in the brain, but also act as powerful boosters of your body's immune response. Secondly, laughter was found by the researchers to increase human growth hormone by a whopping 87 percent on average. For most people, levels of human growth hormone, or HGH, significantly decline once they enter into their 30s, yet researchers have shown that HGH is directly related to overall good health, including optimal immune function. High HGH levels also help to prevent premature aging. It's studies like this one that prove the adage, Laughter is good medicine!

  11. Two of the most common health problems among Americans today are insulin resistance and spikes in blood sugar levels after eating. To help avoid these problems, always make sure that you include a protein-rich food with all of your meals, along with one or more foods rich in healthy fats, in addition to carbohydrate foods. Combined, protein and healthy fats help to prevent blood sugar and insulin spikes that can occur when carbohydrate-rich foods are eaten alone.

  12. Here's a natural solution to help prevent insect bites. Before going outside, apply and combination of coconut and geranium oils to your skin. Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the two oils in combination repelled mosquitoes for approximately 95 minutes per application. You can make the combination yourself by mixing equal parts of both oils together to make a lotion.

  13. Are you prone to migraine headaches? If so, it could be because you clench your jaw at night while sleeping. Research has found that nocturnal jaw clenching can significantly increase the likelihood of migraines. If you suspect this problem may apply to you, consult with your Health Coach and dentist.

  14. Want to keep your arteries free of plaque? Then drink more herbal tea. That's because researchers in France have found that regular tea drinking can prevent the buildup of plaque. In addition, herbal teas also help to improve arterial flexibility and reduce inflammation, especially in women. A good choice of herbal tea is green tea, which has also been shown to have anti-cancer benefits.

  15. Do your finger or toenails have white spots? If so, chances are good that you are suffering from a deficiency of zinc. You can prevent and reverse zinc deficiencies by supplementing with 15 to 30 mg of zinc citrate or zinc picolinate. For best results, get your zinc supplementation by using a good multivitamin/multimineral formula that includes zinc.

  16. Are you prone to skin rashes or other skin problems? If so, you could be chronically dehydrated and need to drink more water. Skin is your body's largest organ of detoxification. Rashes and other skin problems are often a sign of accumulated toxins in skin tissue. By increasing your water intake, you can help flush out such toxins. However, if your skin problems persist, see your Health Coach.

  17. Here's a quick and natural way to nip lip cold sores in the bud. The next time you experience the onset of a cold sore on your lip, dab a bit of tea tree oil on the affected area. Doing so will help keep the infection from spreading while simultaneously speeding recovery by healing the affected area.

  18. Are you prone to mild episodes of anxiety or depression? If so, the solution to your problem may be as simple as a short course of exercise. That's because exercise boosts the production of endorphins and other "mood modifying" chemicals in the brain. This fact was documented in a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology that showed that regular exercise resulted in a marked reduction of anxiety and depression among the study's participants.

  19. Want to improve your digestion and burn calories at the same time? Then get in the habit of taking a fifteen minute walk after you eat. Research has shown that walking not only improves metabolism, and thus your body's ability to efficiently burn calories, it also improves digestion and elimination. If you can't fit in a walk after every meal, at least do so after the largest meal that you eat each day (for most people, that would be dinner).

  20. Do you need to increase your body's lean muscle mass? If so, try adding more foods that are high in healthy fats to your diet. A study published in Obesity Research found that people who consumed at least three fat-rich foods every day for a period of 24 weeks had significant gains in lean muscle mass. In addition, they also showed marked improvements in their blood pressure levels.

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