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As Medical Director of WellnessWatchersMD, I’m here to help. Ask me anything related to heart health, weight loss, sexual performance, age-fighting, and more. I’ll give you straight answers with no drug company propaganda or narrow medical establishment thinking.


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By checking the box on the order page, I understand that the WellnessWatchersMD membership includes full access to the Site, including personal advice from our M.D; personalized health coaching; and self-care information for health conditions from A-Z. WellnessWatchersMD is only $29.95 per month and you get the first 14 days free. The monthly subscription will be automatically charged to your card each month for your convenience if you do not cancel. You may cancel at any time by calling toll-free 1.800.591.6383 or emailing support@wellnesswatchersmd.com. Terms and Conditions.

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1. Within 48 hours, we contact you to make a telephone appointment for your Personal Health Consultation (a $39.95 value.) Morning, afternoon and evening times are available to suit your convenience. During your appointment, a trained counselor guides you through a 20-minute questionnaire to create your unique Personal Wellness Profile.

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WellnessWatchersMD is the startling new interactive program that rips the covers off hundreds of secrets known only to medical experts - for heart health, weight loss, sexual health, age-fighting and more. Reveals the one food guaranteed to extend your healthy years (but only if you don't eat it!) Discloses sex triggers hidden in your kitchen. (They're not what you're thinking!) Reveals the simple Indian "sexercise" that gives you endless staying power and endurance. Exposes shocking medical rip-offs you must avoid at all costs. And much more!

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Simply type your health and wellness related concern into a convenient online form. Every month our Medical Director answers questions from members like you in his bi-weekly column about health and wellness. Of course, not every question can be answered in this biweekly column, but everyone receives a personal response, usually within 5 working days. Plus, you'll see questions other members were afraid to ask their own Health Coachs. Some are racy, some are just plain embarrassing, and the answers are always fascinating!

We don't promise the moon. "Only" that over the next 30 days, your life will be changed.

We don't make unrealistic promises. But with a money-back guarantee like ours, you know our customers must be happy. You will be thrilled with your progress. The end will be in sight. You will be sure you got more than you paid for. You will know what you need to do, and you will feel confident that you can do it. With the support of your friendly, knowledgeable Personal Health Coach, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, we're not going to cure cancer or diabetes or any other disease condition. (If you think you have a disease, please see your personal physician immediately.)

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